Lord Baden Powell, the father of scouting had the policy that, scouts training and its benefits should reach to all. BIGBEE SCOUTS FOUNDATION derived our specialties and standards to make this policy true.

Balancing the implementation of training categories, which are Bunnies club, Cubs & Bulbuls, Boys scout & Girls scout, Rover & Rangers in to equal count as per population ration across the country

Considering the future intelligence development, we are proudly introducing STEM SCOUT (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) syllabus for the first time in India with simplified practical workouts

We have introduced modern changes in the curriculum that has been in place for more than hundred years so that the students can practice new concepts throughout the academic year. We have categorized its phases in to Lotus, Peacock, Tiger, Chakra & Youth according to age group and academic term.

Through collaborations we always try to bring our scout students to international scout conferences and JAMBOREE

Student’s information and their workouts will be maintained as progress records at International standards with regular audits.

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