Cooperation of schools and colleges is essential to build an enriched scout training. So we are ready to work with all the educational institutions  and associations across the nation.


Scouts training is based on the philosophy of improving one’s potential and enriching their life. To reach this idea we offer syllabus in more than forty processes dived sector-wise. Students who successfully complete those skill practices are awarded with badges as a symbol of success. Each time students achieve this; they may gain goodwill to develop more advance skill


Through SHAPE education concept all proficiency badges terms would comes under regular team building activity. Depends on the circulation method all student can lead their own team on multiple clubs under the guidance of their scouts commander. A boy or a girl plays a dual role as a leader and a member during these chapters.


Camp nature builds the self ability of person. Our foundation provides annual camp on every year to develop the skills, exploring new ideas, evaluations. Three stages of camping will be made under district level, state level and national level. All our camps must meet the safety level with good qualities and with prior permissions. And for institutions favor, all camps goes on vacation time which should not affect the academic schedules

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